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Check the charts for a few known quakes and look at eclipses within a couple of weeks on either side of the quake date and when malefics transit the IC, square it or oppose it. Sometimes earthquakes are a little more subtle but this is the known signature and you can verify it and get a feel for it by looking at a few charts.

Most astrological software includes a small database of earthquake charts. Try a few and see if you could have predicted the event. You may also want to look at Ingress charts for the seasons. Jonathan ". Chapter III: Astrology and earthquakes.

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Aspects are to be taken into account for planets linked to seismic houses both harmonic and disharmonic aspects are effective, the last increasing casualties and damages. We can try to determine the precise moment for the EQ by checking exact aspects during the current moon phase.

When aspects and also declination parallels or anti parallels involving risk factors and seismic houses are becoming exacts, the EQ is more likely to occur. Sun is mainly found in vertical EQ, when the ground moves up. Moreover, EQ are more frequent and more violent when solar activity sun spots is high any idea about where to find tabulated data about solar activity for a long period?

Moon indicates that the EQ will occur near water harbors, lakes, seaside, ….

Mercury , closely linked to Pluto, means that tectonic plates will move. When moving past the Sun disc, it may cause big EQ in particular when solar activity is high. Mercury is also involved when there is a lot of small earth tremors. Venus plays a small role in EQ, except when passing the Sun disc. Mars in very active in violent and sudden EQ, especially horizontal ones. Jupiter is by far the most dangerous planet, increasing dramatically the effects of a seism. Also involved in EQ causing damage in a very large area, and in deep EQ.

Saturn, on the opposite, means limitation and stability, so it is not prominent in EQ activation. Saturn and Pluto are in relation with magma, and are important in volcanic activity. Saturn may precise the location of EQ in hilly regions, or in mountains. Uranus if a main cause in sudden, short a few seconds and deadly EQ. Also appears in uncommon seismic activity. Neptune has no clear role in triggering EQ, but indicates a location in deep sea, possibly with tsunamis.

Involved in the caving-in, collapse or flooding of areas. Most of the time, two planets are necessary to move tectonic plates: Mars strength with Mercury direction ; Mercury motion with Sun or Pluto energy ; Pluto with Saturn effort. The more risk factors we find in a moon phase chart, the more an EQ is likely to occur.

One of the strongest earthquakes since , occurred off the west coast of Northern Sumatra, magnitude 9.

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This earthquake caused a Tsunami who killed hundreds of thousands of people. May 28, Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction' s Mercury conjunct Betelgeuse of the nature of Mars and Mercury which cause violent storms and rain, and is linked to shipwreck, drowning, massacres, and according to Diana Rosenberg, is linked to theatrical events with intense emotion, if I understand well this fixed star.

Mercury conjunct malefic Mars square debilitated peregrine Moon 2 Aries conjunct terrible fixed star called Cetus the Sea Monster of the nature of Saturn which can cause restraints in every way, psychologically and physically, self-destruction by brute force. I think it is useful to compare also this event to previous Aries Ingress on the same location.

Aries Ingress of the Sun. Using the same technique, maybe it can indicate some catastrophes similar to tsunami in the future? Today we had a quake greater than 6 R:. The above is not conventional astrology, is the result of contemporary research. I hope that that site gives a good representation. PS: about time calculation :. Who wants to cast a chart, must know how to use the above info. If we want degrees and minutes, we must convert the decimal part in minutes.

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Why 21, because 0. Pay attention to Time, too. Naturally, people who have a dominant Uranus do not like being tied down to societal rules or authority. Because of these assertive leanings, you can make an excellent salesperson, but you may have some problems with human relations. His mental disposition is detached enough due to Uranus to allow him to distance himself from the horrific actions he performed. Most of the lighter gases are found in the layered atmosphere.

Relationships are likely to be a battleground; and your domestic life will remain unsettled whenever you struggle with unresolved inner conflicts. Few Personality Traits by Certain Dominant Planets in a Chart Mystics and astrologers have a unique way of seeing people in a standardised cluster. Like different elements behave more or less the same that which falls in a particular group in a chemical periodic table, in the same way different individuals can be seen behaving more or less.

The people born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus are known for being reliable, practical, strong-willed, loyal, ambitious and sensual, have an eye for beauty. In this report you may notice certain places where the information seems to be contradictory.

Uranus and Neptune. Uranus conjunction, parallel, square, or opposition to Mars gives an erratic and eccentric disposition, a violent temper of the worst nature, an unusually resentment of even the slightest restraint and gives the person a stubborn, headstrong and dogged determination to go ahead in any line of action upon which he has decided no matter what the.

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The dominant Gemini personality trait is not duplicity nor even adaptability. Twelve Gods and Seven Planets: The allocation of the Signs to the planets appears to have been an exercise in planetary symmetry, without regard for the corresponding natures of the planets or the Signs.

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You will find some matching zodiac physical characteristics when you look at the Sun sign, but half to two-thirds will match the Ascendant. They also are destined of good food at good places most of the time. A mnemonic is a useful device to help remember the names of the planets in order. The revolution may be loud or peaceful, but they are part of the action either way.

This for me. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, and is a water sign. These planets orbit the Sun. The Aquarian motto is "I know. Read all about Sagittarius Star Sign. Each planet has a certain characteristic and it behaves in a certain way, based on its sign and house. You got a pretty even Chart maybe lets say Jupiter and Uranus its about a toss up, as Jupiter it is in one of its home signs and best house and trine your chart ruler and Sun but lets also say Uranus as it is in the 10th house in its home sign which is quite powerful and sextile your pluto and mercury conjunct neptune and opposite moon, both Jupiter and Uranus influience you the most from what.

In the jargon of personality psychology, the women had scored higher on average on Agreeableness and Neuroticism and on one facet of Openness to Experience, while the men scored higher on one facet of Extraversion and a different facet of Openness to Experience. Hello and Welcome, my Darlings! You've come to the right place; as long as you're a gay man, that is. Unique Characteristics of Bottlenose Dolphin The dolphin is considered the most intelligent animal of the aquatic environment, and among the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Uranus In 6th House: Negative Traits The main problem Uranus in 6th house have is placing high standards on everyone else around them. Uranus is essentially a huge gas balloon with peculiar characteristics. Given a choice between the three, most people would choose Neptune or Pluto.

Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. The planets are divided into two classes: personal planets or fast-moving planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars , the most important in the natal chart,. Their renowned enigmatic smile is.

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Mars: The Planet of Passion. It contains the asteroid belt as well as the terrestrial planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Although Uranus is much larger than Earth, its surface gravity is less than the surface gravity on Earth. Because of your ruling planet, you ' re incredibly creative and wise beyond your years.

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There is a dominant periodicity of approximately 42 years, which is seasonal e. Linda Black Horoscopes. Horoscop Urania Capricorn - octombrie. Suppressed anger is more effectively released in creative ways. Filter by post type. You tend to be a stream of consciousness thinker. Bethlehem's Child - Set of Parts.

Learn to flow with Saturn, and let it show you why they call it the kingmaker. Neptune adds the mystic element. Astrology is based on the movement of the celestial bodies planets, etc that can indicate the characteristics an individual has, how future trends can develop and how past events developed. But it can also be unpredictable and erratic. There is a dominant periodicity of approximately 42 years, which is seasonal e.

There is an easy bridge between the old and new, past and future.

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Horoscop capricorn 20 martie horoscop urania 27 martie. Id_miner also made his updated version of glsl shaders mod as well. Male ophiuchus are. Horoscop saptamanal JOB CARIERA martie Horoscop Urania saptamanal prezinta detaliat horoscopul zilnic, saptamanal,lunar si anual in . Varsator (Ianuarie 20 - Feb 18) Semn de aer, fix (stabilitate), masculin ( extrovertit).

Neptune in 1st House. Type AB blood is an example. In Marie's chart, Uranus is dominant because it is conjunct to an angle of the chart, the Descendant. Divination from Latin divinare "to foresee, to foretell, to predict, to prophesy ", related to divinus, divine , or "to be inspired by a god", is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. When Saturn negatively transits Uranus, it can be very uneasy.

Positive traits: The most charming zodiac sign, Scorpios are witty and have a magnetic personality. It's thought speed. Rahu has also the power to confer sudden wealth. At the very least, this makes you independent and gives you an attraction to weird and unusual things like astrology! Humans have an almost innate desire to understand what makes their bodies tick. Because it shows up more than any other sign, it has an influence on your overall personality. Freedom, Justice and Liberty, The Brotherhood of man.

What is a dominant sign? A dominant sign is the sign that shows up the most in your chart. One of these traits is that of humanitarianism. Since the rebellious, unconventional nature of the ego Uranus in Aquarius sextiles this planetary placement there will be a spiritual revolution. Uranus has a strange reputation when it comes to relationships. Far and extreme ultraviolet observations of Uranus and Neptune, principally by the ultraviolet spectrometer UVS on Voyager 2, are reviewed. It describes your individuality in detail e. They love to make their presence known and enjoy being in the spotlight.