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AstroInform — Your weekly stars by Marjorie Orr. Astroscope Me — Free Weekly forecasts for each Sign. Astrostyle — AstroTwins deliver your weekly updates! Potentially freakily accurate on some weeks. Bohemian Path Tarot — Weekly Tarotscopes. Cosmic World — Your weekly love horoscope. Goto Horoscope — Click on your zodiac sign to get your weekly horoscope.

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HoroscopeFriends — Extended Love and Career forecast for all signs. Weekly scopes. Jessica Adams — Jessica Adams astrology for the week. Caterina's Tarot - for your free weekly tarotscopes brought to you by Caterina.

Cosmic World - Your weekly love horoscope with Madam Lichtenstein, internationally syndicated. Creative Numerology - Weekly Forecasts by Christine DeLorey Based on the principles of Free Will and the cycles of nature, Creative Numerology brings this ancient science out of the "unknown", into our expanding and evolving minds.

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Click on your zodiac sign to get your weekly horoscope. HoroscopeFriends - Read your free weekly horoscope to plan ahead, with our extended Love and Career forecast for all signs of the zodiac..

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Jessica Adams - Your weekly forecast by psychic astrologer Jessica Adams. John Hayes Weekly Horoscopes - Your free weekly forecast. You may also wish to read the corresponding reading of your Moon sign and your Rising sign for a more personalized reading. Sexual Astrology - Weekly forecasts and horoscopes for all astrological signs.

Sexual Astrology is devoted to lovers of astrology with specific reference to love and sex. Spirit Navigator - Looking for answers and inspiration?

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Spirit Navigator has your weekly horoscope and whole lot more! Symbolic Living - New Astrology Horoscopes are published every week with a focus on current trends and transits in astrology. These general readings for all signs are designed to motivate, inspire and inform you of practical solutions and insights for your life. Tracey L.

TruthStar - Your weekly horoscope and love horoscope. They offer free weekly horoscope videos by their expert resident astrologer Ellie Rose. Her insightful horoscopes for every star sign are presented on the site in both video and text format. Kristin Fontana - Your weekly astrological forecast by evolutionary astrologer Kristin Fontana. The Psychic One - weekly horoscopes by Cynthia Gutierrez. A professional astrologer since , Vivian emphasizes understanding of one's individual history as well as the meanings and purposes behind the events in life today. Top of page Horoscope Daily - Your weekly horoscope for all 12 signs as well as Psychic, Tarot, Astrology readings and more on love, career, finances and more.

Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Tarot - Offering free weekly horoscopes, 3 card tarot readings and love compatibility tests. Just remember to "think pet" when checking out the resources below.

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Thinking about getting a pet and unsure about what sort of pet is right for you? The sites below can help with that.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Daily Overview Horoscope for Capricorn 22 Dec. Electional astrology can answer that question. Astrology is a great way understand your pet's' unique personality or what sort of day they're having. Love Secrets of the Star Signs!

In astrology, timing is everything, so planning ahead is great advice. When is the best time to buy or adopt a new pet? Electional astrology can answer that question. stats and valuation

Of course, you'll likely need an astrologer who is trained in this traditional form of astrology. Still, a pet is a huge commitment, so making sure the time is right will be well worth the time, money, and effort. One of the happiest and most enriching moments in your life just might be when you bring your new friend home.

A pet can stimulate good moods and happy moments, reduce your sense of lonelinessm and help you to increase your social activities. They can be a source of never-ending joy and laughter as they dazzle you with their tricks and unique personality. Whatever animal you choose will not only be a great friend, it will also be your long-term companion.