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However, careful consideration of the risks, challen In , the doctors and nurses of the 4th Department of Internal Medicine of the First Faculty of Medicine , Charles University and the General University Hospital in Prague celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding. The article summarizes the clinics contribution to the field of internal medicine , and particularly to angiology, hepatogastroenterology and lipidology.

It comments the clinics current activities and the possibilities of its further development. Attention is also paid to the tradition of high ethical and professional standards of medical care in accordance with the norms established by the clinic's founder, prof. This paper attempts to explore implications of Colonial medicine 's Blood Type Studies, concerning the characteristics and tasks of racism in the Japanese Colonial Empire.

In Colonial Korea, the main stream of Blood Type Studies were Blood Group Anthropology Studies, which place Korean people who was inferior to Japanese people in the geography of the race on the one hand, but on the other, put Koreans as a missing link between the Mongolian and the Japanese for fulfillment of the Japanese colonialism, that is, assimilationist ideology.

Then, Compared to the Western medicine and Metropole medicine of Japan, How differentiated was this tendency of Colonial Medicine from them? In this paper, main issues of Blood Group Anthropology Studies and its colonial implications are examined. The Korean Society for the History of Medicine. Internal Medicine and Adjacent Subjects" as well as a member of the presidium of the GDR Society for Internal Medicine for the development of the internal intensive medicine -a description of the development of the department, its achievements and problems is given. From this and from the charge for a highly specialized care of patients who life-threateningly fell ill with internal diseases as well as from the duty to create a scientific forerunning results the stringent necessity of the development of the non-operative, in reality internal intensive medicine in the clinics for internal medicine of the county hospitals and university institutions as well as the greater identification of the internist with the subdiscipline in the district hospitals dealing with multidisciplinary intensive medicine.

The new colliding beam technique - ''bunch trains'' - at Cornell 's electron-positron Storage Ring CESR has led to a new world record for colliding beam luminosity - 3. In the bid to increase reaction rate for any particular process, this luminosity is pushed as high as possible. Once all other luminosityincreasing cards have been played, the only practical way of making a large gain in luminosity is to increase the frequency of bunch-bunch collisions by increasing the number of bunches stored in the ring.

In , CESR was designed to run with a single bunch of electrons and a single bunch of positrons circulating on the same orbit and colliding head-on at two diametrically opposite points in the ring, where the CLEO and CUSB experiments were then located. A less expensive version of this two-ring scheme was accomplished at CESR in.

A less expensive version of this two-ring scheme was accomplished at CESR in , using. International university partnerships are recommended for increasing the capacity of sub-Saharan African universities. Many publications describe individual partnerships and projects, and tools are available for guiding collaborations, but systematic mappings of the basic, common characteristics of partnerships are scarce. To document and categorize the international interuniversity partnerships deemed significant to building the capacity of medicine , nursing, and public health programs of 4 East African universities.

Two universities in Kenya and 2 in Tanzania were purposefully selected. Key informant interviews, conducted with 42 senior representatives of the 4 universities , identified partnerships they considered significant for increasing the capacity of their institutions' medicine , nursing, and public health programs in education, research, or service. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed. Partners were classified by country of origin and corresponding international groupings, duration, programs, and academic health science components. One hundred twenty-nine university-to-university partnerships from 23 countries were identified.

Each university reported between 25 and 36 international university partners. This study confirms the rapid growth of interuniversity cross-border health partnerships this century. It also finds, however, that there is a pool of established international partnerships from numerous countries at each university. Most partnerships that seek to strengthen universities in East Africa should likely ensure they have a significant education component. Universities should make. As a result of our investigations, we believed the damage to be mechanical in origin and not to cladding failure.

This we believe was caused by operator error. At the request of prospective users, a high intensity, high energy gamma-ray irradiation facility has been added to the TRIGA equipment. Adjustment of relative neutron and gamma ray fluxes is possible by either shielding or changing rate of water flow.

No attempt was made to improve performance by guiding water flow through the core, and higher yields should be obtainable by this means and by increasing the size of the holdup tank. Full text: The thermal column has been modified to provide a horizontal beam suitable for neutron radiography. A hole of circular cross-section was cut along the axis of the thermal column through graphite and lead from the outer surface of the 'sliding block' to a point about 10 cm short of the curved end of the thermal column. The section through the sliding block is The outer or All of these components are enclosed in an aluminum housing.

From the sliding block outwards - a distance of cm across the hohlraum and through the graphite at the exit end, plus another cm through the rolling door - no drilling was necessary since removable plugs could be taken out to form a tapered hole of square cross section with stepped widths of An aluminum housing fitting snugly in this hole is lined with Boral or a gadolinium-bearing paint and is joined with a rubber gasket to the inner housing, so that the entire length can be purged with helium.

Figure 2 is a reproduction of the first radiograph taken with the facility. In recent years, medical doctors are in short supply in many university hospitals. Retirement of female doctor after delivery is one of the reasons. Although they want to return to work after giving birth, they quit unavoidable because the working conditions do not match.

Then, Kinki university hospital established the "provisions for special work arrangements". This work arrangement is the wage less, but the working hours is less than the regular. This work arrangement increased returner to the university hospital after delivery. Development of higher order mode couplers at Cornell. Higher order mode HOM couplers are integral parts of a superconducting accelerator cavity. The damping which the couplers must provide is dictated by the frequency and shunt impedance of the cavity modes as well as by the stability requirements of the accelerator incorporating the cavities.

Cornell 's 5-cell MHz elliptical cavity was designed for use in a 50 x 50 GeV electron-positron storage ring with a total beam current of 3. HOM couplers for the Cornell cavity were designed and evaluated with this machine in mind. The development of these couplers is described in this paper. Training and education in nuclear medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb. Training for specialization in nuclear medicine in Yugoslavia includes 12 months of training in departments of clinical medicine and 24 months of training in departments of nuclear medicine.

Since many physicians have passed the specialist examination in Zagreb. A postgraduate study in nuclear medicine began at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb in It includes four semesters of courses and research on a selected subject leading to the degree of Magister Master of Science. Most of the training is conducted by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital, Rebro, in Zagreb, which has the necessary teaching staff, equipment and space.

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Forty-four students have completed this postgraduate study. Nuclear medicine in a developing country faces several problems. Scarcity of expensive equipment and radiopharmaceuticals calls for modifications of methods, home made products and instrument maintenance. These, mostly economic, factors are given special emphasis during training.

Nuclear power generation may solve some of the country's energy problems; therefore, specialists in nuclear medicine must obtain additional knowledge about the medical care and treatment of persons who might be subject to irradiation and contamination in nuclear power plants. Lower economic resources in developing countries require better trained personnel, stressing the need for organized training and education in nuclear medicine. With some support the Institute of Nuclear Medicine will be able to offer various forms of training and education in nuclear medicine for physicians, chemists, physicists, technologists and other personnel from developing countries.

Medicine utilization review at a university teaching hospital in New Delhi. Full Text Available Objective: A prospective medicine usage evaluation based on prescription monitoring was conducted in the medicine OPD of our university teaching hospital to know prescribing trends of different categories of medicines. Materials and Methods: A total of patients were included in the study comprising of Results: A total of medicines were prescribed to patients during the 3 months study period.

The mean number of medicines per prescription were found to be 3. Medicines were most frequently prescribed as solid dosage forms Oral route Combination therapy The most prescribed individual medicines among various therapeutic classes included isoniazid antimicrobial, amlodipine cardiovascular, metformin hypoglycemic, cetirizine antiallergic, rabeprazole GI medicine , atorvastatin hypolipidemic, dextromethorphan respiratory medicine , alprazolam sedative-hypnotic, paracetamol analgesic.

Conclusions: There is a considerable scope of improvement in the existing prescribing practice, especially prescribing by generic names, needs to be encouraged and a hospital formulary has to be developed for the purpose. The number of medicines to be included per prescription should be judged rationally and polypharmacy ought to be curbed. Use of antimicrobial also needs to be rationalized as over. Of full-time faculty employed in at Shiraz University School of Medicine , had left the university by December , and 81 of these had left the country, aggravating the chronic shortage of medical personnel in Iran.

Iranian authorities have not been able to counteract these trends. Musselwhite, Laura W. Universities Allied for Essential Medicines organized its first Neglected Diseases and Innovation Symposium to address expanding roles of public sector research institutions in innovation in research and development of biomedical technologies for treatment of diseases, particularly neglected tropical diseases.

Universities and other public research institutions are increasingly integrated into the pharmaceutical innovation system. Academic entities now routinely undertake robust high-throughp A new graduate laboratory course for nonspecialists was developed which brought in graduate students from many fields, and a weekly or bimonthly nuclear methods seminars are being held to describe research methods, sample preparation, irradiation, etc.

The Cornell program of microelectronics materials characterization by neutron activation analysis NAA is described. Experimental details and results from the successful application of NAA to silicon germanium circuit structures and nickel silicide layers are presented. In doing so, the potential for using X rays from isotopes that decay by electron capture is demonstrated.

Background: There is paucity of data on rational drug use studies at tertiary hospitals in Zambia. The aim of this study was to assess the extent of rational drug use at the adults and paediatrics outpatient departments of the University Teaching Hospital UTH using World Health Organization WHO standardized drug-use University medicine in Germany requires significantly higher funding and investment because its tasks not only include health care but also research and teaching.

However, over recent decades less and less funding compared to the development of the turnover has been available. This trend is due to decreasing public funding. The diminishing funding has caused a major backlog of investment at German university hospitals. The first part of the article summarizes the investments policies at university hospitals and other hospitals. The second part describes the investment needs in university medicine and exposes risk factors for research, education and health care due to the process of investment planning and realization.

DSC02421 (Large)

Goal-oriented solutions are shown to facilitate investments. The third part discusses several risks caused by insufficient investments in university medicine. There are special risks for research, teaching, and the capacity for innovation in university medicine besides economical and medical risks. Some policies and financial strategies to overcome the backlog in investments are presented. After a summary, the article concludes with some practical examples of further measures to ensure sustainable funding. Moran Campbell, already a world figure in respiratory medicine and physiology, arrived at McMaster in September , and he invited Norman Jones to be Coordinator of the Respiratory Programme.

Sleep medicine education and knowledge among undergraduate dental students in Middle East universities. The aim of this study was to assess the undergraduate dental education in sleep medicine in Middle East universities as well as the students' knowledge in this field. A cross-sectional observational study was carried out during the period from September to April Two different questionnaires were used. A self-administered questionnaire and a cover letter were emailed and distributed to 51 randomly selected Middle East dental schools to gather information about their undergraduate sleep medicine education offered in the academic year The second questionnaire was distributed to the fifth-year dental students in the 2nd Sharjah International Dental Student Conference in April , to assess their knowledge on sleep medicine.

The total average hours dedicated to teaching sleep medicine in the responding dental schools was 1. In the second questionnaire, Dental students in Middle East universities receive a weak level of sleep medicine education resulting in poor knowledge in this field.

Required internship in diagnostic radiology in the fifth year of medicine at Montreal University. Saint-Georges, G. Problems of methodology, organization, and evaluation confronting the radiology departments of the university hospitals affiliated with the University of Montreal, the medical students, and the University itself in connection with an elective internship in radiology offered in the fifth year of medicine , resulted in the formation of a committee to reorganize the course of study.

In this concise article the authors describe this and other measures taken by the University to solve these problems. The committees' main purpose was to restructure the internship which was made compulsory so that future physicians would be prepared to draw on the resources of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. To this end, the committee formulated the objectives, content, evaluation system, and pedagogical methods to be used in those courses. The 25 self-teaching modules, together with the observation and practical interpretation of radiology sessions, proved highly useful in solving the initial problems, and were of particular interest to the students.

Sounding narrative medicine : studying students' professional identity development at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. To learn what medical students derive from training in humanities, social sciences, and the arts in a narrative medicine curriculum and to explore narrative medicine 's framework as it relates to students' professional development. On completion of required intensive, half-semester narrative medicine seminars in , second-year medical students at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons participated in focus group discussions of their experiences.

Focus group transcriptions were submitted to close iterative reading by a team who performed a grounded-theory-guided content analysis, generating a list of codes into which statements were sorted to develop overarching themes. Provisional interpretations emerged from the close and repeated readings, suggesting a fresh conceptual understanding of how and through what avenues such education achieves its goals in clinical training. Students' comments articulated the known features of narrative medicine --attention, representation, and affiliation--and endorsed all three as being valuable to professional identity development.

They spoke of the salience of their work in narrative medicine to medicine and medical education and its dividends of critical thinking, reflection, and pleasure. Critiques constituted a small percentage of the statements in each category. Students report that narrative medicine seminars support complex interior, interpersonal, perceptual, and expressive capacities. Students' lived experiences confirm some expectations of narrative medicine curricular planners while exposing fresh effects of such work to view.

To assess whether Boiler Vet Camp, a 7-day residential summer camp for students entering eighth or ninth grade in the fall, would increase participants' understanding of career options in the veterinary profession, increase understanding of the science of veterinary medicine , or increase the number of students stating that they intended to apply to the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. Information on participant demographics was obtained from camp applications.

A questionnaire was administered on the first and sixth days of camp, and results were analyzed to identify changes in responses over time. More campers correctly answered questions designed to evaluate knowledge of the veterinary profession and 10 of 12 questions designed to evaluate specific knowledge of the science of veterinary medicine on day 6, compared with day 1.

Remarkable differences were not observed among gender or race-ethnicity groups for these questions. There was no significant difference between percentages of campers who stated that they would apply to Purdue before and after camp. Significantly more Caucasian campers stated they would apply to Purdue on both day 1 and day 6, compared with campers from under-represented minority groups.

Results indicated that the Boiler Vet Camp accomplished 2 of its 3 planned objectives, suggesting that such camps can be successfully used to increase knowledge of the veterinary profession among middle school students. Reasons for the low percentage of participants from underrepresented minorities who indicated they would apply to the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine require further exploration. Career paths of alumni of the Cornell Leadership Program for veterinary students. The Cornell Leadership Program at Cornell University , usa, aims to assist talented veterinary students to embark on careers in research, academia, government agencies or industry.

Over students have participated since the Program began in and their subsequent careers have been followed. In this study, five sources of data were analysed: application documents of the participants; audio recordings of interviews with each participant from to ; annual tracking records of alumni after graduating with a veterinary degree; spontaneous comments from alumni about how the Program influenced their career plans; and a list of published scientific papers by alumni.

Analysis revealed that about 50 per cent of veterinary graduates were establishing themselves in careers envisaged by the Program, although many of them experienced conflicts between a vocational commitment to clinical practice and a desire to solve problems through research. Many alumni asserted that the Program had influenced their career plans, but they had difficulty in accepting that rigorous scientific training was more important in acquiring research skills than working directly on a veterinary research problem.

One career of great appeal to alumni was that of veterinary translational science, in which disease mechanisms are defined through fundamental research. It is concluded from the data that there are three challenging concepts for recently qualified veterinarians aiming to advance the knowledge of animal disease: research careers are satisfying and rewarding for veterinarians; a deep understanding of the chosen field of research is needed; and a high standard of scientific training is required to become an effective veterinary scientist.

To evaluate by the h index the scientific output of researchers from the University of Guadalajara who belong to the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores in the field of Medicine and Health Sciences. A sample of capital researchers and Emeritus scientists was taken to perform the same procedure and compare data. The total number of researchers in the University of Guadalajara who are members of the SNI was , of which Only Capital and Emeritus scientists had an average h index of The h index measures the quantity and quality of the scientific output and it also avoids bias in the evaluation process.

It should be useful for future evaluations of the SNI members and for medical doctors who sign up for the National Academy of Medicine. Since the University of Virginia School of Medicine has conducted the Medical Academic Advancement Program for minority and disadvantaged students interested in careers in medicine.

The program is a six-week residential program for approximately undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students per year. It emphasizes academic course work--biology, chemistry, physics, and essay writing--to prepare the participants for the Medical College Admission Test. Non-graded activities, such as a clinical medicine lecture series, clinical experiences, and a special lecture series, and special workshops are also offered.

The participants take two simulated MCAT exams. The Medical Academic Advancement Program has been successful in increasing the number of underrepresented minority students matriculating into and continuing in medical education. Such programs warrant continued support and encouragement. This chapter illustrates how human rights principles can help governments, even those with the most modest budgets, scale-up universal access to expensive essential medicines. The key message is that governments have legally binding human rights obligations to immediately take steps to provide.

He is also University of Washington UW Director of Medical Student and Resident Education in Pain Medicine , and Medical Director of UW TelePain, a tele-video-conferencing program intended to provide innovative pain education and consultative support to a five-state northwest regional primary care providers. He served as a member of the NIH National Pain Strategy task force on pain education and is principal investigator for the UW's prestigious NIH Pain Consortium Center of Excellence for Pain Education, leading curriculum development to extend the pain proficiency qualifications of interprofessional primary care providers.

He is a founding member of the State of Washington Agency Medical Directors panel of medical experts developing opioid prescription guidelines for the state, and a regular clinical and content expert for regulatory and legislative bodies involved in public policy regarding pain medicine practice and standards. He speaks as a clinical expert in medical management of chronic pain, especially as it applies to primary care practices.

Dr Tauben served as an expert for several US Centers for Disease Control clinical outreach programs and policy reviews advising primary care providers on how to prescribe opioids for chronic noncancer pain. He is annually recognized by his peers as recipient of regional awards in care of pain patients, and brings decades of clinical experience of best practice medication management of acute and chronic pain.

Dr Tauben received his bachelors degree in philosophy from Yale University , medical degree from Tufts University School of. Christian Ehrenfried Eschenbach belongs to the forerunners of the embossed natural science scholars of legal medicine in Germany. As a principal re-elected 11 times and dean of the medical faculty at Rostock University he defended academic positions in difficult times. His bibliography comprises numerous text books, e.

ctree/ at master · Drake81/ctree · GitHub

His Medicina legalis and belongs to the first systematic editions of forensic medicine in the German-speaking community. Thanks to his extensive practical experience as a physician and public health officer he took a very progressive position on questions of forensic medicine , issues of professional ethics in medicine and the assessment of injuries. He has wrongly been forgotten. To reach a consensus among public health faculty from various Spanish universities about the core public health competencies that should be integrated into the Veterinary Medicine degree training.

Forty-two university professors and lecturers from nine Spanish universities with veterinary degrees participated in the forum. They were divided into five working groups during three working sessions to identify and classify core public health competencies for the Veterinary Medicine degree, propose public health contents for the identified competencies and organize such contents in thematic blocks.

The results were discussed in different plenary sessions. The final programme included basic contents organized into five units: 1 Fundamentals of public health; 2 Study and research in public health; 3 Production, animal health and environment; 4 Food security; and 5 Health education. The public health core competencies and contents identified in this Forum may be considered as a starting point to update public health training programmes for future veterinary professionals.

All rights reserved. Academic entities now routinely undertake robust high-throughput screening and medicinal chemistry research programs to identify lead compounds for small molecule drugs and novel drug targets. Furthermore, product development partnerships are emerging between academic institutions, non-profit entities, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to create diagnostics, therapies, and vaccines for diseases of the poor.

With not for profit mission statements, open access publishing standards, open source platforms for data sharing and collaboration, and a shift in focus to more translational research, universities and other public research institutions are well-placed to accelerate development of medical technologies, particularly for neglected tropical diseases. Developing an integrated evidence-based medicine curriculum for family medicine residency at the University of Alberta. There is general consensus in the academic community that evidence-based medicine EBM teaching is essential.

Unfortunately, many postgraduate programs have significant weakness in their EBM programs. An EBM Curriculum Committee was created to evaluate previous components and develop new strategies as needed. Input from stakeholders including faculty and residents was sought, and evidence regarding the teaching and practical application of EBM was gathered. The committee drafted goals and objectives, the primary of which were to assist residents to 1 become competent self-directed, lifelong learners with skills to effectively and efficiently keep up to date, and 2 develop EBM skills to solve problems encountered in daily practice.

New curriculum components, each evidence based, were introduced in and include a family medicine EBM workshop to establish basic EBM knowledge; a Web-based Family Medicine Desktop promoting easier access to evidence-based Internet resources; a brief evidence-based assessment of the research project enhancing integration of EBM into daily practice; and a journal club to support peer learning and growth of rapid appraisal skills. Issues including time use, costs, and change management are discussed. Ongoing evaluation of the curriculum and its components is a principal factor of the design, allowing critical review and adaptation of the curriculum.

The first two years of the curriculum have yielded positive feedback from faculty and statistically significant improvement in multiple areas of residents' opinions of the curriculum and comfort with evidence-based practice. The University of Arizona Health Network UAHN was a modestly successful health care delivery organization with a vibrant academic portfolio and stable finances. By , however, market forces, health care financing changes, and the burden of technology and informatics upgrades led to a compromised financial position at UAHN, a situation experienced by many academic medical centers.

Concurrently, Banner Health had been interested in forming an academic partnership to enhance innovation, including the incorporation of new approaches into health care delivery, and to recruit high-quality providers to the organization. The objective was to create a statewide system that provides reliable, compassionate, high-quality health care across all of its providers and facilities and to make a year commitment to UA's College of Medicine in Tucson and the College of Medicine in Phoenix to support the State of Arizona's position as a first-tier research and training destination with world-class physicians.

The goal of the Banner - University Medicine partnership is to create a nationally leading organization that transforms health care by delivering better care, enhanced service, and lower costs through new approaches focused on wellness. Key elements of this partnership are highlighted in this Commentary, including the unique governance structure of the Academic Management Council, the creation of the Academic Enhancement Fund to support the UA Colleges of Medicine in Tucson and Phoenix, and novel approaches to medical education, research, innovation, and care.

Method On completion of required intensive, half-semester narrative medicine seminars in , second-year medical students at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons participated in focus group discussions of their experiences. Conclusions Students report that narrative medicine seminars support complex interior, interpersonal, perceptual, and expressive capacities.

We carried out a lesson on medicine -taking to the sixth-graders in the elementary school by a university professor. Finocchiaro, G. Will there be room for the teaching of internal medicine in a university hospital? To answer the question addressed, two working groups, one made of the staff of a University clinic, the other one composed of practising general internists, have discussed the assets and weaknesses of a University service of Internal Medicine for postgraduate training.

The groups agreed on a number of points: patients' characteristics complexity and co-morbidities , quality of teaching, method acquisition for clinical reasoning, as well as absence of exposure to ambulatory patients and of follow-up. The groups differed in their views related to the lack of training in psychiatry and psychosocial problems or to hospital dysfunctions. Opening of internal medicine to primary care appears to be necessary at the same time as individual qualities among the senior staff are to be developed, such as critical analysis and self-questioning.

Founded in by the University 's Medical Faculty, the School has been a leader in moulding the education and practice of veterinary medicine in the nation and the world.

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Operational experience with nanocoulomb bunch charges in the Cornell photoinjector. Full Text Available Characterization of 9—9. These measurements demonstrate that the Cornell photoinjector can produce cathode emittance dominated beams meeting the emittance and peak current specifications for next generation free electron lasers operating at high repetition rate. Aims: Clinical forensic medicine deals with cases involving both the legal and medical aspects of patient care, such as motor vehicle trauma or poisoning.

In this study, we aimed to draw attention to the forensic issues by retrospective investigation of emergency cases and to share our experiences on this topic. The data were collected from official hospital polic Consultation clinics for complementary and alternative medicine at Japanese university hospitals: An analysis at Tokushima University Hospital. To promote the quality of consultation, data was collected by means of focus group interviews concerning the perspective of the consultants.

Safe and effective use of CAM requires a network of communication linking individuals, consultation teams, physicians, primary care institutions and university hospitals. To advance this goal, we plan to broaden the efforts described herein. Our findings indicate that the specific role of the consultation clinic in promoting the scientific use of CAM merits further study.

Careers in medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine : an innovative approach to specialty exploration and selection. Research on resident attrition rates suggests that medical students would benefit from more comprehensive career advising programs during medical school. In this article, the authors detail the Vanderbilt CiM program's four core components: career-related events, an elective course, specialty interest groups, and career advising. The authors discuss the program's implementation and its student-led organizational structure, and they provide a critical assessment of important lessons learned.

According to recent GQ data, Vanderbilt ranks above the U. The authors present this description of the Vanderbilt CiM model as a framework for other medical schools to consider adopting or adapting as they explore options for expanding their own career counseling services. Medicines can treat diseases and improve your health. If you are like most people, you need to take medicine at some point in your life. You may need to take medicine every day, or you may only need to All the details 60 inChoir Horsham about the Festival feature on pages 26 and We will publish any suitable photos of Published by: Horsham Publications Ltd, the local area on our front cover.

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The church decided to rejuvenate involved in the garden as a and exploration for children as a space that had become derelict community. The aim of the project pm, as we are able to sell was to create a garden that is our fresh produce and encourage We have already started to accessible to local people to enjoy, more community involvement.

This was our The garden design established for quiet reflection. The design chance to show off how far we three separate areas, each with includes varied fragrant planting had come. We were humbled its own purpose. Divided by and a willow arbour. A small by the generosity of local people, climbing plants which, when prayer path leads visitors on a offering to pay for fruit trees, grown will create an air of journey to the centre of the garden build bird boxes and donate discovery.

There is a cultivating, where they will discover a small furniture. Our next aim is to have potting and storage area, water feature. It is our hope that a young, local artist create a produce beds and a sensory area. We need people with disabilities, providing Brigade group — to encourage to clear and develop our storage a fully inclusive opportunity to children to engage with the and potting area and we would like become involved in gardening outdoors.

As part of our to purchase some tools. We would and help promote well-being. The garden is providing our clients with fresh vegetables, and is stimulating fantastic If you would like to support our community garden, or you would conversations about healthy like to find out more about joining our gardening team, please eating, volunteering and getting contact Susan Halliday at susanhstandrews gmail.

Judith Dandy Independent Funeral Director Guiding families through the choices of funeral arrangements to develop a meaningful occasion. Providing a comprehensive service, sensitive to personal, financial and environmental considerations. Church View, Billingshurst Road e: judith dandelionfarewells. Answers on page 76 38 pages - To advertise please call or visit www. Your own self-contained apartment, set within a friendly community, with fantastic on-site facilities just waiting to be enjoyed.

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The Zune concentrates on staying a Portable Media Player. If individuals sound additional compelling, possibly it is your great decision. It is a massive conclusion of all sorts of purposes vs a quite not happy quantity of a handful for Zune. Microsoft incorporates courses, particularly in just the realm of game titles, yet I am not positive I might need in direction of bet on the long term if this characteristic is major toward oneself. The iPod is a considerably improved final decision inside of that scenario.

If you are even now upon the fence: grab your preferred earphones, head down towards a Easiest Acquire and ask towards plug them into a Zune then an iPod and look at which a single appears far better to your self, and which interface would make oneself smile further. Then you may understand which is immediately for on your own. Zune and iPod: Greatest people in america evaluate the Zune toward the Touch, however just after looking at how skinny and amazingly reduced and mild it is, I get it in the direction of be a really unique hybrid that combines properties of equally the Touch and the Nano.

It really is unbelievably colorful and gorgeous OLED show is somewhat lesser than the touch screen, but the player itself feels Extremely a bit more compact and lighter. Apple at present incorporates Rhapsody as an app, which is a best get started, nevertheless it is by now hampered by the incapacity in direction of retail store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps little bit price.

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