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We all face many challenges in life and we all seek solutions to our problems.

When thinking about tarot cards, the Minor and the Major Arcana always come to mind. But rarely, someone thinks about the Royal Arcana,.

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Latin Tarot Cards or the Tarot de Marseille deck has cards that are depicted with simpler imagery than the more detailed Rider-Waite deck. A reverse card is faced opposite of the upright card.

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Many people avoid using reverse cards in tarot reading. The logic is very. Tarot reading might seem like something that is otherworldly and completely supernatural. To a certain extent, this is true.

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In a pile of more than a thousand of tarot decks, it seems impossible for beginners to choose the right one for them. The cards in occult tarot decks are associated with the principles of Qabalah. The base of these decks is the Rider Waite Smith. Who we are.

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